Startup Program

Business Planning

  • Refine a Business Idea
    If you're with us, you already have an idea like what you want to sell or the market you want to enter. Do a quick research and learn what brand leaders are doing and find out how to do it better.
    Set a Business Goal
    As taken your idea in place, you need to think of your business's goal. A successful business goal is a specific goal enough to incorporate an action plan. Who is going to buy from you? How to finance your startup cost? And how to end-up your business?
  • Set a Business Goal
    As taken your idea in place, you need to think of your business's goal. A successful business goal is a specific goal enough to incorporate an action plan. Who is going to buy from you? How to finance your startup cost?  And how to end-up your business?
  • Write a Business Plan
    With a great business plan, you can bring startup capital from various means. Yes, starting your business can be a daunting but rewarding process. There's no one fit for all. You can learn more about each of the capital sources with us—to acquire the best funding for your business.

Business Planning

Start Your Business

  • Accounting and Finance
    Fundamental understanding of startup fundraising and finance in-depth knowledge of accounting. And learning how to grant governmental supports according to the growth stages
  • Business Operations and Management
    Building how to create the administration of business practices efficiently. And how to convert materials and human resources into goods and services to maximize the profit
  • Marketing and Sales Strategy
    Discussing communication solutions presenting differentiated B2B and B2C based on target customer psychology and preferences
  • Laws and Regulation
    Understanding of business regulations and legal issues of business activities, including governance compliances

Business Success Case Studies

  • An IP Strategy for Success
    Setting an attractive business goal for listing or startup fundraising throughout various options contributing winning investments at least two years
  • Winning a Government Grant & Support for Your Business Success
    Researching governmental grants and supports enough to find out the best one to enable to start a business presented how to utilize and measure appropriately
  • Special Guest Lectures of Business Leaders
    Listening to successful CEO's stories to inspire and get motivated. And learning and experiencing hidden requirements for success