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SCM Reinvention

Supply chain resilience is beyond business continuity management. It requires a holistic view from the organization's commitment, data collection, joint metrics development, process alignment, and ultimately to a significant financial investment to mitigate the risk found.

Business Strategy & Innovation

Transforming to Agile Enterprise

Digitization, globalization, automation, analytics, and other forces of change will go on accelerating. The pandemic has vastly intensified the world with more volatile, uncertain, complex, and ambiguous, leading companies into struggles. Amidst, an agile organization is catching fire distinguished with the combination of velocity- adaptability with stability-efficiency. Again, how to drive nimble speed and create stability together matters.

Operating Assets at a High Level of Reliability, Serviceability & Safety

As the increasing scarcity of resources and funding draws upon the state of global infrastructure challenges, public and private organizations need to start implementing long-term asset management plans. We can no longer afford to ignore its degradation enough to impact our global economy—not any single future failures, and unaffordable reconstruction costs.

A Breakthrough Opportunity & A More Sustainable Future: To Reimagine & Rebuild the World

Sustainability concerns bring all across a full spectrum of corporate ethics and responsibility and critical global issues from climate change, plastics recycling to food systems, and ESG investing.